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 Classic French Soaps

Savonette Marseillaise

Our classic French soaps are hand-crafted using only natural raw materials from sustainable sources. 

They are scented with world-famous "Grasse" perfumes and essential oils and are available in over 100 different fragrances. They are long lasting, look and smell beautiful, and leave a heavenly, lingering scent on your skin.

Enriched with organic Shea butter, well known for its restorative, nourishing and softening properties, these are sumptuous soaps that lavish your skin with moisture and immerse you in a sense of Provence every time you bathe.

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Discover the opulent fragrances in our exquisite “Grasse” perfumed classic French soaps.


Choose by range or use our interactive fragrance wheel to pick a scent that will truly conquer your senses.

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