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Limited Edition

"Édition Limitée"


We’re thrilled to have teamed up with Alice Crane Ceramics to bring you these gorgeous special “limited-edition” Savon de Marseille soap dishes.


Designed specifically to compliment both the 600g and 300g Savon de Marseille cubes, each dish has been handcrafted in stoneware and finished in a beautiful lead-free ceramic glaze which is vitrified in the final firing process making it strong and almost completely non absorbent.


We’re really pleased to have commissioned these stunning pieces and we’re delighted with the results! Each unique hand-made piece is slightly different and as individual as you are. Hand stamped on the reverse with the ‘Alice Crane’ logo they're available in two stunning contrasting glazes, either “Green Tea” or “Vellum".


Teamed up together with one of our Savon de Marseille cubes and a beechwood dishwashing brush, we think they make a fabulous gift.

Savon de Marseille Soap Dish Front and R

Soap dish pictured with "Green Tea" ceramic glaze.

Also available in "Vellum" ceramic glaze.

"I have many childhood holiday memories of Provence, the lavender fields of Grasse, and Marseille, and am delighted to have made these soap dishes to complement the iconic Savon de Marseille. 


Each dish takes a couple of weeks to be transformed from a lump of wet clay into the finished article through a process that can’t be rushed; the clay needs to be treated with respect and given time before it moves on to the next part of the making process. 


The clay is rolled into a slab, cut, decorated and moulded, all of which takes 1 or 2 days dependent on how quickly it is drying. It is then left to dry out completely, usually taking about a week. 


The first firing is next with the kiln reaching around 1000°C. Once cooled, glaze can be applied before a second firing at even higher temperatures.


This second firing is magical as the clay body and glazes strengthen and show their colours. I always open the kiln with nervous excitement as I can never be certain what I will be faced with; the same glaze can vary greatly even within the same firing depending on its position in the kiln!


Hoping you enjoy the results."

Alice Crane

Savon de Marseille Dishwashing Set.jpg

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