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Exfoliating Soaps

"Savons Exfoliant"

Wash away the stresses of the day and get your skin squeaky clean with our exquisitely fragranced exfoliating soaps.


Designed to smooth and refresh, these soaps are an absolute must for a fresh and glowing complexion. They provide gentle exfoliation, deeply cleansing and enhancing your skin, activating the cells, increasing elasticity and delicately lifting away the dead cells that can dull your complexion.


What you’re left with is new fresh skin, that’s moisturized and healthy, smooth, hydrated and awash with a beautiful and lingering scent.

Available in over 100 different fragrances, you can browse our soaps by collection, but if you’re finding it difficult to choose, our handy fragrance guide might help - just follow the hummingbird to choose by your favourite fragrance.

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