Fragrance Guide

When you've discovered which fragrance families you're drawn to, the next step is easy... Just head on to exploring the fragrance wheel to see selections of soaps that fall within each family. 

Discover the Fragrance Families


Floral Fragrance Families

FLORAL: Fresh Cut Flowers

Can’t walk past a florist shop without slowing down and taking a deep breath? Roses, jasmine, lily, frangipani - if these are the scents your dreams are made of, look for fragrances in the Floral family.

SOFT FLORAL: Aldehydes & Powdery

Soft, powdery… sweet, musky and creamy. If these nostalgic scents transport you back in time, then you’ll love fragrances from the Soft Floral family.

FLORAL ORIENTAL: Orange Blossom & Sweet Spices

Florals like Orange Blossom, made smooth, sweet and subtly spicy with incense and amber … if these are the scents that say “style” to you, then you’ll love fragrances from the Floral Oriental family.

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