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Floral fragrances are one of the most popular groups and one of the broadest. They're responsible for some of the most famous perfumes in the world and comprise scents such as roses, jasmine, lilies and peonies. Floral fragrances can range from being light and delicate, to more complex and intense and whilst they're most popular in women’s fragrances, that’s not to say they're never found in men’s. The overall impression of this “note” is like a bunch of fresh-cut flowers.

Floral: For Her

The ultimate feminine, light mixture for a gorgeous summer scent. Compositions of this group are refreshing, light, and airy, with a sweet, fruity nuance. The most popular category for women, there is a huge choice from complex flower blends to singular notes from rose to jasmine and white flowers, all lending a fresh and clean feel.

Floral: For Him

The word 'floral' shouldn't put off any man when it comes to fragrance. Little would you know that orange blossom is at the heart of all eau de colognes, alongside lavender. Shocked? Don't be, they're exactly the kind of notes that make these fragrances so alluring. Never forget that a confident man can easily pull off a rose!

Once you've found the right note(s), you're ready for the next step. With your note(s) in hand, move on to discover more about the individual fragrance families that lie within it. 

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