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Woody fragrances can be identified by their warmth and tend to be opulent and incense-like but differ from oriental fragrances as they rely on fresh notes rather than spices. To prevent the wood-based smells like cedarwood, sandalwood, vetiver and amber from being too bitter they’re often combined with floral or citrus. They make mysterious and captivating scents that are often favoured amongst aftershaves in particular.

Woody: For Her

Typically used in male fragrances, woods and musks shouldn't be ignored when selecting a perfume. They provide an air of mystery and warm up perfectly on your wrists and neck - an ideal scent for evenings. The pliability of woody notes means they play a large part in both feminine and unisex fragrances alike.

Woody: For Him

Considered a more manly fragrance group, woods are intense, deep and lingering. Woody Amber is a common note as well as Vetiver and Patchouli, despite being grass and leaf respectively. This group also combines Musks which can make head turning fragrances that will create a robust and lasting impression.

Once you've found the right note(s), you're ready for the next step. With your note(s) in hand, move on to discover more about the individual fragrance families that lie within it. 

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