A Humble Cube with So Many Uses!

Updated: Jun 10

Discover a gem that’s been here all a long.

Savon de Marseille - France’s Favourite Soap!

Famous the world over for it’s purity and quality and instantly recognisable by its unique shape and colour, there is much to love about Savon de Marseille. These incredible cubes are gentle, pure and naturally anti-bacterial and have been the workhorses of French kitchens, laundry rooms and greenhouses for centuries.

A perfect skincare product, they are a wonderful French alternative to petroleum and chemical based products and are well-suited to anyone with skin allergies. Savon de Marseille is economical to use, it's hypoallergenic (no dye or fragrance), biodegradable, naturally antibiotic and recommended by dermatologists to combat skin dryness.

Using only natural organic ingredients sourced in Provence, these amazing cubes are composed solely of vegetable oils, (ideally locally pressed olive oil at 72%), natural ash from marine plants grown exclusively in the Camargue region, salt and water. They are made only in Marseille, using a strictly controlled traditional process which has remained unchanged for over 600 years, and can be used in a variety of ways in and around the home.

Whole, grated, shredded or blended, Savon de Marseille can be used as a natural and eco-friendly dish washing solution, a household cleaner, a pest control solution, a laundry detergent as well as for washing silk and other delicate fabrics, a powerful stain remover, a beauty and skincare product, as a shower gel, as a shampoo and even a toothpaste. It’s a must-have product for everyday life, it has a great number of benefits, plus it lasts twice as long as ordinary soaps!

Now, onto some secret household tips for using Savon de Marseille… but sssh! Don't tell everyone!


1. As a Green (Biodegradable) Dishwashing Solution.

Savon de Marseille is a true zero waste, chemical free natural product and a fabulous choice for dishwashing. It effectively cuts through grease, but is gentle on delicate surfaces. It’s sudsy, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, easy to use and gentle on the skin.

Simply wet a natural hand brush or eco dishwashing pad and rub in a circular motion on top of the block to load. From pots and pans to fine crystal, it truly is all you need for smear free, squeaky clean dishes. Leave the brush on top of the block of soap next to your kitchen sink and you're always ready to go! No plastic bottles, no waste, no fuss, it cleans like a dream and leaves your hands soft too!

You can even make your own dishwashing liquid. Simply pour 30cl of very hot water onto 180g of grated Savon de Marseille and mix together until perfectly fluid, then leave to cool. Add 1 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda and 1 tablespoon of white vinegar. The mixture will become frothy - it’s a normal reaction. If you want fragrance, add one or two drops of mint, lemon or your favourite essential oil. Shake well before each use.

2. As a Household Cleaner for Kitchens, Bathrooms, Worktops, Carpets and Floors.

Savon de Marseille is tough on stains and gentle on the environment. It can be used at home to clean your kitchen, baths, sinks, worktops or almost any other surface in your home and you can even use it to clean rugs and tiled and stone floors.

For work surfaces, kitchens, bathrooms and electrical appliances such as cookers, fridges and kettles, simply rub Savon de Marseille directly onto a damp cloth or sponge, clean the surface you want to treat then rinse well. Wipe off with a soft cloth if necessary.

To clean a carpet or rug deep down, mix two to three tablespoons of grated Savon de Marseille with some warm water then dip a stiff brush into the mixture and scrub the carpet with it. Lift up the carpet and leave it to dry.

Savon de Marseille is also ideal for cleaning or degreasing wall or floor tiles. To clean stone, use a brush soaked in water with Savon de Marseille. This technique can be use for anything from marble, granite, terra-cotta, travertine, or even slate.

For cleaning floors, mix 40g of grated Savon de Marseille with 2 litres of hot water. Dip in your floor-cloth and clean as usual.

3. For Cleaning Leather Sofas.

Leather sofas don’t often look dirty but you’d be surprised at how much grime you can actually remove from them. To clean a leather sofa, mix a tablespoon of Savon de Marseille in half a litre of water. Using a dampened lint-free cloth, gently rub the surface to clean. The shine on the leather will be restored.