Hanging & Wall-Mounted

Rotating Soaps

A genuinely quintessential French experience, these hanging or wall-mounted rotating soaps create an authentic French country home aesthetic.


Widely seen in schools and public buildings throughout France, they are typically known as “savon écolier” or “school soap”.  A classic and enduring design they are a perfect combination of useful, stylish and long lasting.


Made famous in the UK by James Martin's Home Comforts on the BBC, they save sink space by eliminating the need for a conventional soap dish and stay dry and within reach - allowing for easier washing when you're in a hurry. 


Lasting much longer than ordinary soaps, they are supplied with a rope making them suitable to hang in the shower or the bathroom and of course - they smell gorgeous too!

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wall mount soap holder copper with soap.jpg

Everyone loves a multi-purpose beauty product!  These soaps are packed with organic shea butter and have been triple-milled for a creamier texture.  Made with 100% vegetal oils, they are rich in natural ingredients and essential oils.


Simple neat and useful, you can enhance your kitchen or bathroom décor by wall-mounting, or hang them in the shower for a cleansing and uplifting “soap on a rope” experience.  Perfect for even the softest skin, they are luxurious, long-lasting, and make great gifts too! 

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