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About Ingredients


We want you to have every confidence in our products, their natural origin, their authenticity and their provenance. Just like we sell our soaps “naked” we want to show you that we have nothing to hide when it comes to ingredients.


That’s why you will find listed here every single ingredient that is contained in either some or all of our Pure French Soaps. Made with natural ingredients and free from additives and nasty chemicals, our soaps should be perfect for even the most sensitive skin, but first a word of caution.


It should be remembered that even the most natural organic ingredients can be a source of reaction for certain individuals, or for those who suffer from allergies or skin problems (think poison ivy or peanuts for example). If you have, or suspect you have sensitive skin or if you have any concerns we would recommend you carry out a patch test. Lastly, if you know that you have an allergy to certain ingredients, then you can search for them here.

If you can’t find them great!



Donkey Milk

Animal (Organic Farming)

What is it used for?

Skin conditioning

Donkey Milk


Hydrating and nourishing


Donkey Milk is the milk from the domesticated donkey (Equus asinus) and has been used since antiquity for cosmetic purposes. Amongst its many properties, Donkey Milk is rich in vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. It is also packed full of powerful antioxidants and nutrients and is a powerful moisturiser, cleanser, and softener for skin. The Donkey Milk found in our Pure French Soap is fresh and organic and sourced from a small family run farm in Hérault in the Occitan region.

The following products contain:

Donkey Milk

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Marseille soaps have been produced by French artisan craft master soap makers using traditional methods for over 600 years.


Uniting the rich organic produce of Provence with natural and ecological values, they create exquisite soaps with exceptional skin care properties.


Here you can discover their heritage and find out why they are internationally recognised as some of the best soaps in the world.