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Pure French Soaps

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Basis of Sale.


Placing an order via our website indicates that you agree to our terms and conditions. Our full terms and conditions can be found here. We recommend that you read them carefully and ensure that you understand them before purchasing or ordering any products from Pure French Soaps.

Pure French Soaps terms and conditions may be updated occasionally, please check these before making a purchase.

All Pure French Soaps goods, promotions, offers, and pricing are subject to availability, location, delivery or other fulfilment restrictions, and the method of purchasing or ordering.

All orders will be subject to the conditions set out below. 


Coupons and Discounts.


If you have a promotional code or coupon for a discount then the following general Terms & Conditions apply:

The promotional code or coupon entitles you to the stated discount off the retail price of the whole order purchased at the online checkout (not including P&P) in a single transaction online at


Promotions are valid whilst stocks last.


The promotional code must be registered at the time of purchase by entering in the Discounts Section “Have a discount code? Enter it here” at Step 2 of the checkout procedure.


The promotional code cannot be exchanged for cash.


Promotional codes are usually single use only.


Only one promotional code may be used at any one time and the offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotional code.


We reserve the right to withdraw these offers at any time


By using the promotional code to claim a promotional benefit you will be confirming that:

  1. You are entitled to use the code.

  2. You meet all the conditions that apply to its use.

  3. You agree to the terms set out above.

If you have a promotional code for Free Postage and Packaging then the following terms apply:

  1. One time use code.

  2. Valid only on standard UK deliveries. 

  3. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional code.

  4. Cannot be exchanged for cash.

  5. Cannot be claimed after the order is placed.

  6. May be subject to an expiry date.

  7. We reserve the right to withdraw the promotional code at any time.


Free gift offers:

Current free gift offer is as follows:

  1. Free gift is 1 x 60g bar or 2 x 30g sample bars of Classic French Soap (fragrances may vary), or 1 x bathroom accessory (subject to availability).  

  2. Offer is valid with every order over £10 (not including postage).

  3. Offer is restricted to one 60g bar or 2 x 30g bars of Classic French Soap or bathroom accessory per order.

  4. Offer is only valid with a purchase of specified products.

  5. Offer is valid while stocks last. 




Weights quoted are those at time of manufacture and should be viewed as an approximation, particularly in the case of traditional Savon de Marseille. All hand-made soaps can reduce in weight slightly as the water content in them evaporates. Over time, the soaps will also reduce slightly in size and become harder, longer lasting, and even more gentle on the skin. The harder the soap, the longer it lasts and the more lather it produces. This is a natural process which is not detrimental but in fact enhances the properties of the product.




We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the colours represented in our products, but please be aware that colours may vary depending on the settings of your screen, software, or printer. Natural soaps such as these have no synthetic ingredients and will tend to change colour as they cure. This can continue for up to 12 months after they are manufactured during which time the olive Savon de Marseille soaps can change from dark green to light beige.


Size and Appearance.


Please note that all of our soaps are artisan hand-crafted products and therefore the soaps you receive may not be perfect or unblemished. Due to their hand-made nature, they can sometimes be slightly irregular in shape and may also vary in colour. They may bear some minor chips, indentations or scratches which are part of the authentic rustic charm of a traditionally handmade product and in no way detracts from their overall quality or fragrance.


Products which contain no preservatives especially our traditional “Savon de Marseille” soaps may be crusted in salts and appear slightly cracked. These are not defects or damages but valued characteristics of these traditional artisan craft soaps.


Product Safety.

If you have, or suspect you have sensitive skin, we recommend that you do a skin patch test before using any of our products. Even if you don’t have sensitive skin, certain formulations or ingredients (natural or otherwise), can irritate even normal skin types. This can result in red and angry rashes, or dry, itchy and flaky skin. Products with thick and heavy emollients like coconut oil can also cause unwanted breakout-related reactions like clogging and acne.


Patch testing for irritation or allergic reactions is easy.


To do an allergy patch test, simply apply a small amount of the product to a small area of your face that's easily covered - such as the underside of your jaw, a corner of your forehead, behind your ear or the side of your neck. There should be no other products on the skin so that you can properly test the product. Wait around 24 hours to see if you have a reaction. If any redness or tenderness occurs, you may have an allergy and you should avoid any product or products that contain the same ingredients. If you have an allergic reaction discontinue use immediately and thoroughly rinse the effected area with fresh water. 


Payment Methods.


We accept all major Credit and Debit cards (most cards are accepted however we reserve the right to refuse cards that we are unable to accept). We also accept PayPal payments when ordering via Our Website.

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Marseille soaps have been produced by French artisan craft master soap makers using

traditional methods for over 600 years.


Uniting the rich organic produce of Provence with natural and ecological values, they create exquisite soaps with exceptional skin care properties.


Here you can discover their heritage and find out why they are internationally recognised

as some of the best soaps in the world.

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* With the exception of soaps containing organic milk, all of our soaps are suitable for vegans.

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