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Prefecture: Avignon

Subprefectures: Apt, Carpentras

Area: 3,567sq km (1,377sq mi)

Highest elevation: 1,892m (6207ft)

Lowest Elevation -1m (-3ft)

Population: 561,941

Vaucluse - Discover Provence with Pure French Soaps

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Follow the French soap trail & discover Provence with Pure French Soaps

Vaucluse, the beating heart of Provence, is a land of vivid contrasts. This beautiful, bountiful region is a patchwork of orchards, olive groves and rolling vineyards interspersed with rugged mountains and impossibly picturesque villages perched on mountain hilltops.


Bordered to the west by the Gard département of Occitan and the river Rhône, to the south by Bouches-du-Rhône and the Durance river, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence lies to the east and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes to the north.


In the far north-west are the lavender fields of the Drôme Provençale. A sheltered microclimate between mountains, fertile rolling plains and olive groves, which yields an abundance of produce.

Upper Vaucluse, is redolent with lavender, truffles and wine and in the north at Orange there are spectacular Roman ruins, including a Roman amphitheatre which is one of the most complete to be found anywhere in the world.

Mont Ventoux, the highest peak in the département at over 1,909m (6,263ft),

Mountains occupy a significant proportion of the north and eastern parts of the département, with Mont Ventoux also known as "the Giant of Provence", dominating the landscape at over 1,909 m (6,263 ft). At its foot lies the plain of the Comtat Venaissin and the vineyards of the Côtes-du-Ventoux and to the east, the Pays de Sault; green hills, orchards and immense wild plains where lavender fields wheat and vineyards flourish.


Towards the centre of Vaucluse the landscape remains picturesque. Fruit and vegetables are cultivated in great quantities on one of the most fertile plains in Southern France.


To the west lie the vineyards of the Rhône Valley and the bustling city and important regional centre of Avignon with its grand Pope's Palace (one of the most impressive buildings in the whole of France), the Pont-du-Gard aqueduct, and the bridge made famous by the French nursery rhyme “Sur le pont d'Avignon”, as well as the busy historical centre.

village of aurel sault vaucluse provence

Village d'Aurel - Pays de Sault,

The Luberon Massif lies to the south east and goes all the way to the vertiginous Hautes-Alpes. This is a land of castles, craggy landscapes and charming old villages, many of which are perched high on this rocky chain. In the lower-lying parts of the département, home to the largest production of cherries in France, lie incomparable natural riches of outstanding variety and a world of flavour - strawberries, melons, apricots, herbs and saffron.

Haut-Vaucluse (Province of the Popes)


Haut-Vaucluse (High Vaucluse) is a preserved Province, steeped in history with the towns of Orange and Vaison-la-Romaine, surrounded by dense vegetation and forests of oaks and pines. It’s a fragrant land where the heady air is scented with black truffles, lavender, honey and wine.


Referred to as the “City of Princes”, Orange was founded in 35 B.C. by veterans of the second Roman legion. It boasts a remarkable preserved heritage with one of the oldest and largest triumphal arches dating from the Gallo-Roman period and a well preserved Roman amphitheatre, both of which are listed as world heritage sites by UNESCO. There are also ruins of temples on the Saint- Eutrope Hill (named after the patron saint of the city in 460 A.D.) as well as part of the city walls, the aqueduct and the western wall of the forum.

Mont Ventoux watches like a sentry posted in the middle of the plains and plateaus and in the foothills of this, the highest peak in the département - the Dentelles de Montmirail; a small chain of mountains, lend their high peaks finely chiselled by erosion, to rock climbing enthusiasts.

Avignon and the Rhône Valley


Capital of Vaucluse and the Côtes-du-Rhône, seat of the popes and city of art and culture, Avignon is a prestigious cultural capital with its world-renowned theatre festival. Referred to as the “City of the Popes” or “Altera Roma”, it was the seat of the Catholic Popes in the 13th century and its history is today preserved in chapels, churches and convents, plus the largest gothic palace in the world, the “Palais des Papes”. It is also home to the Pont-du-Gard, a 2,000-year-old Roman aqueduct that’s one of the wonders of the ancient world, and famously - the Pont Saint-Bénézet better known as the “Pont d'Avignon.”


Viticulture is a centuries-old tradition along the Rhône Valley which stretches along its two banks between the départements of Gard to the west and Vaucluse to the east, and where 14 wine routes wind their way through picturesque villages and varying landscapes. In the north clinging to the steep mountain ranges and tumbling hillsides, and in the south over gentle slopes and plains.

It is the second largest wine-growing region in France and some of the most famous wines in the world come from here: Côtes-du-Rhône, Châteauneuf du Pape, the famous Gigondas, Vacqueyras, Beaumes de Venise, Vacqueyras, Tavel, Lirac, Séguret and Rasteau, all blessed by the sun of Provence and classified under various Appellation d'origine contrôlée (AOC).

Comtat Venaissin


Comtat Venaissin, often called the Comtat for short, was a former province of France and papal enclave, with its capital at Carpentras. It combines picturesque territory with varying scenery between the foothills of the Alps and large plains which are irrigated by canals supplied by the Rhône, Durance, and Sorgue rivers.


It’s a fertile area best known for agriculture where the local produce of olive oil, fruits, vegetables, honeys, jams and cheeses are sold at the many markets. Velleron is renowned for its strawberry production and both Richerenches and Carpentras are famous for their truffles which are highly sought after by some of the world's greatest chefs.

Luberon (The Heart of Provence)


Close your eyes and dream of Provençe and the chances are you are seeing the Luberon: spectacular landscapes of vineyards and lavender, fascinating “perched” hill-top villages, daily markets and outstanding natural produce, all bathed in the pure light of van Gogh and Cezanne.


The Luberon is a Massif of the Pre-Alps straddling the departments of Vaucluse and Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, 70km (43mi) north of Marseille. The mountain range is now located in the heart of the Luberon National Park, and deep in the heart of Provence, Luberon features many historical and cultural sites such as the famous Abbey of Sénanque and the characteristic perched villages of Gordes, Ménerbes, Lourmarin and Simiane-la-Rotonde .


It’s an area of France that deserves to be savoured and the most authentic and intriguing area of Provençe. It’s a place where time has seemingly stood still for centuries and in the midst of this wild countryside of deep crevices and terraced slopes you can still sample the alluring Provençal charm that has captivated countless visitors throughout the years.

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