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Our planet...

it’s a seriously pressing issue!


In 2020, the main greenhouse gas CO2 reached record levels of 417 parts per million, a level not seen for over four million years. These are unprecedented times environmentally - the United Nations has referred to the period between 2020 to 2030 as the “decade of action” and believes that what we do in the next ten years will determine the course of humanity. 


Making our day-to-day lives that little bit more eco-friendly and moving towards a more sustainable lifestyle is now more important than ever before, but how can we find simple ways to make sure that we’re not causing lasting or irreversible damage to our planet?


Happily, there are now plenty of alternatives that can make a sustainable lifestyle not just accessible, but also ones that promote financial and health benefits too. Here’s just a few to get you started on your plastic and pollution free, zero waste journey.

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Make way for a change in your habits!


Whether you’re new to eco household products or just thinking about making the switch to a more environmentally friendly and sustainable lifestyle - these starter sets are a great way to begin your pollution free and zero-waste journey!


As is often the case with many consumable household cleaning products, we tend not to consider what’s in them or what happens to the surplus residues after we’ve used them. In most cases, the polluting chemicals and microplastics in waste water affect nature, killing marine life and plants, and eventually finding their way back through our taps and even worse - into the food chain.


Many of today’s cleaning products are derived from crude oil and contain polluting petrochemicals and synthetic ingredients which have been associated with allergies, dermatitis and respiratory problems, so why not make a smarter choice for yourself and for our planet?


By replacing chemicals with nature in your daily household cleaning routine, you can help to stop the systematic poisoning of our planet with microplastics and toxic chemicals, and contribute to a healthier and safer environment for both yourself and for those around you.


So why not take the first step - ditch the detergent and say goodbye to those toxic chemicals and plastic bottles by making the switch to

eco-friendly natural cleaning products today. It's so easy, you'll wonder why you've never tried it before!


Each eco starter set is supplied with directions for use and a complete "how to" guide.

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