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girl walking trough lavender towards a rustic french farmhouse

Les Petits

Savonnettes Marseillaise

These bijou editions of our French market soaps are delightful little versions of their larger siblings, and with the same wonderful fragrances too!


Perfect for guest rooms, hotels, gifting, beauty hampers, wedding favours or sports and holiday washbags, these 60g bars are sure to delight and impress. Put them out for your guests next time they come to stay but don’t be surprised if they “accidentally” disappear!


Beautiful to behold and supercharged with organic shea butter, each little bar is triple-milled for an exquisite velvety lather that not only softens your skin but leaves behind a divine lingering scent.

Savon de Marseille French Soaps

humming bird

Guest Soaps

Savons Invités

Discover the beautiful fragrances in our classic French guest soaps,

enriched with organic shea butter and

scented with exquisite perfumes and essential oils from Grasse,

the birthplace and internationally acclaimed "World Capital of Perfume".

Michael Edwards Fragrance Wheel

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