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Wet shaving is enjoying something of a comeback. More and more men are recognising the benefits it can have over dry shaving, and to those in the know, the benefits are obvious - wet shaving means a closer, smoother shave and a much cleaner feel.   


Wet shaving can be much kinder on the skin, but it can also lead to uncomfortable side effects such as razor burn, ingrown hairs, irritation and sensitivity. Most of the negative effects from wet shaving come as a result of not having the proper lubrication, which is often down to using poor quality products.


A good quality shaving soap will create a stable lather that remains throughout the shave as well as providing moisturising properties that will benefit the skin. Our beautiful artisan soaps are deeply moisturising and will protect and hydrate the skin, helping to keep it free from irritation and leaving it soft and sumptuously nourished.

Le Pere Lucien

French Soap

Traditional French Shaving Soap Le Pere Lucien

Savons à Raser

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In France, Le Père Lucien is a name synonymous with traditional wet shaving. Founded by the Lelégard family, this artisan producer offers stunning hand crafted products of exceptionally high quality.      


Developed in keeping with traditional methods, these soaps are made without preservatives, bleach, additives or colouring agents and contain sustainable natural ingredients sourced responsibly from local agriculture in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.


They are deeply moisturising and nourishing, combining vegetable oils and glycerin to help keep the skin free from irritation and leave it soft and protected. Available with or without essential oils, they create a rich and plentiful creamy lather which ensures a perfect glide of the blade and gives an exceptional post shave feel.

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