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Fragrance Family Collections

French Soap Savon de Marseille

Collections par Famille de Parfum

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Why not follow your nose and choose your soaps by Fragrance Family?


On the fragrance wheel, the four main fragrance notes are sub-divided into fourteen fragrance families all of which have some variations on their theme. A true family, of course, has lots of members – and so it is with fragrances!


Fragrance families are essentially aroma groupings of related scents, and part of a classification system which has been used by the perfume industry for years. It’s part of the language of perfume and knowing which fragrance family you prefer makes narrowing your choices down so much easier!

Michael Edwards Fragrance Wheel

Simply select your favourite fragrance family and choose any three soaps from the options available.

Each trio of exquisitely fragranced soaps is presented in a stylish brown kraft box so they also make great gifts too!

Just add the gift-wrap option.

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