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Updated: Sep 30, 2023

Exfoliating soap might not seem like the thing to give you a boost at this time of the year. You come home and want to wrap up, snuggle and forget the rest. A lot of things are often put aside during the busy festive period including our skincare routines.

Enjoy fresh skin that is beautifully moisturized with our fabulous range of clever little exfoliating bars.

Why are they so good?

Plant based natural exfoliants such as wheatgerm, poppy seed, flower petals and herbs are used to gently sweep away dead skin cells leaving your skin gorgeously glowing and deeply cleansed without stripping away the natural oils from your body.

Grasse Perfumes and Essential Oils

Kinder cleansing and cruelty free. You can use our little wonder bars with the peace of mind that you are doing right by yourself and the environment. They are enriched with natural shea butter to nourish and replenish your delicate skin. No nasties, paraben free and vegan friendly.

Natural Flower Petals and Herbs

Stunning fragrances to choose from. Our soaps are infused with the wonderful perfumes that Grasse – the World Capital of Perfume has to offer, they are renowned worldwide for their superb quality. We have a range of scents to suit every style and something for every mood.

International Perfume Museum in Grasse

Make the swap to naturally luxurious, moisturizing and gentle exfoliating artisan French Soap and step into 2023 with gorgeously soft glowing skin effortlessly whilst doing your bit for the planet.

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Marseille soaps have been produced by French artisan craft master soap makers using

traditional methods for over 600 years.


Uniting the rich organic produce of Provence with natural and ecological values, they create exquisite soaps with exceptional skin care properties.


Here you can discover their heritage and find out why they are internationally recognised

as some of the best soaps in the world.

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* With the exception of soaps containing organic milk, all of our soaps are suitable for vegans.

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